Vegan Caramelized Meat? - only at VEGANIZTA!

Vegan Caramelized Meat? - only at VEGANIZTA!
Caramelized meat is an indispensable dish during the Tet holiday. Oh wait....but what should I do if I'm vegan?
Don't worry, Veganizta has a way for you to enjoy this without "breaking the row" of being a vegan with SLOW COOK BRAISED VEGAN BELLY - 100% plant-based but still delicious.
Vegan belly is slowly simmered in rich coconut milk and spices until the meat is tender and succulent. Cut into bite-sized pieces that is ideal to enjoy the-very-Tet meal. Vegan team remember to save this post and come try it at Veganizta right away!
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