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Regulations on delivery scope

Veganizta offers delivery to Customers within a radius of approximately 15 km from the nearest Veganizta Store. This distance may vary depending on the specific location of the customer. Customers can accurately see if their address is within range or for delivery by visiting the website

Regulations on delivery fees

Delivery fee is charged by the Third party, the delivery unit cooperates with Veganizta.

Regulations on delivery time

a. Delivery time: Veganizta commits to delivery at the latest time promised to the customer after confirming the order. Changes to earlier or later delivery times will be communicated and agreed with the customer prior to delivery.

b. Delivery time frame regulation: varies for each specific restaurant. The last orders will be 30 minutes before closing time

c. When the goods are delivered to you, please complete the payment by the delivery staff first, then please check if the product has any defects or defects. Please keep the shipping receipt for checking. In case of payment by non-cash forms, the customer does not need to pay with the delivery staff. Note: The order will be automatically canceled if the delivery staff cannot contact the Customer at the time of delivery (maximum 3 calls and each time is 5 minutes apart).

Check Good and Receive Good

When the product is delivered, please check the product, to make sure that the product is delivered in the correct quantityand goods ordered. After agreeing with the ordered product, you sign the confirmation with the delivery side.

● Please note:

- When you receive the goods, the delivery staff must wait for you to check the products inside the package. If the delivery staff does not wait for you to check the product, you have the right not to sign the confirmation with the shipper. And now, you can call Veganizta's hotline 096 983 54 80 for support.

- Veganizta will not be responsible for the quantity, after the shipper has delivered the goods.

- Please avoid using sharp, easily damaged objects to open the product.



Open hour: Tue - Sun: 11AM - 2PM & 5PM - 9PM. Closed on Monday (except 1st, 15th Lunar Calendar & Holidays)

Please book a table in advance for the best dining experience at Veganizta

Suggestions for booking a table:

  • Open hour: Tue - Sun: 11AM - 2PM & 5PM - 9PM. Closed on Monday (except 1st, 15th Lunar Calendar & Holidays)
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