About us
A plant-based brand that first-time vegan foodies appreciate



Why Veganizta?

Most of my friends would say no if I invited them to a vegan restaurant because there are vegan foods that look fantastic but only taste okay, and there are vegan foods that are healthy but look uninteresting.

Crafting for the mere first time for vegan food. Veganizta is where food is made with passion and a combination of styles to bring food that can fulfill food, both your mind and body.  Inspired by Southeast Asia flavors like chilly, pepper, mushroom, and coconut. We create a balanced plant-based eating style that you can enjoy every day, in a venue that your friend will not be shy to join.  Veganizta making vegan food stylist and fun!

 100% Plant based Enjoyable tropical flavors!






Open hour: - Tue - Sun: 11AM - 2PM & 5PM - 9PM - Closed on Monday (except 1st, 15th Lunar Calendar & Holidays)

Please book a table in advance for the best dining experience at Veganizta

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